Review: Anyway – “Dead End”

Finally, a title that doesn’t fit for all the right reasons.

The second full length from this Czech quartet will open far more doors for the group than it will close. From blasts of high-octane punk to more angular, Fugazi- or Husker-infused refrains, this excellent 12-song outing displays a frighteningly developed grasp on how to craft calculated explosions.

The record’s best played with speakers trembling, especially for floor-shaking tracks like “Lost,” “Sick” or “I Feel Bad.”

Anyway also harbors a great sense of pacing and keeps the disc from becoming redundant by knowing just when to cool things down (the moody lull of “Bar Song” or “Dirty Shoes”) or toss in a blood-curdling barnburner.

Much of the disc’s second half, beginning with the blistering one-two punch of “The Future” and “Cunny,” feels like a call to riot, all furious guitars and barked vocals. Consider it an invitation. – Punk Planet, January/February 2007

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