REVIEW: Pabst/Autisti – “Exciter” b/w “Dealbreaker”

There’s plenty of guitar fuzz and feedback featured on the Pabst/Autisti split seven-inch single, out next Friday on Crazysane Records. Pabst opens the proceedings with inviting grungy figures on guitar and a hooky chorus that call to mind The Leaving Trains. Their song can sometimes be ornate, if mostly for the cock-rock-inspired sing-song of the band’s frontman, but it’s that repeating figure on guitar that’ll keep you coming back for more. Autisti slams a little harder with “Dealbreaker,” which starts with pounding toms and semi-whispered vocals, and descends, as all great songs of this sort do, into a cacophony of guitar squalor. Recommended for fans of Guided By Voices, the grungier noises of the Pacific Northwest, and New Jersey rock legends Tainted Honey, who will ooh and aah at the cover art of a rather upset cat.


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