Review: Lindsay Murray feat. Dw. Dunphy – “Reconsider Me”

A new single from Lindsay Murray, the first song from the Nashville-based singer-songwriter since March’s Nada Surf tribute, is out today on Bandcamp and it’s a beautiful, engaging little nugget due to the collaborator she chose to accent it: New Jerseyan Dw. Dunphy.

Dunphy has worked up quite a lather on his underground resume — dating back to his Dead Horse days during the lo-fi cassette boom of the mid- to late-90s. But most his efforts, despite all the careful fuss and multi-tracking, have been resoundingly solo affairs. Not so here. 

Murray and Dunphy sound like star-crossed lovers as Murray pleads for second chances on the Zevon cover “Reconsider Me,” and Dunphy fleshes out her emotive but bare-bones acoustic delivery with chorales of cooed vocals and elegant harmonies. Transfixing stuff — and free to boot. No excuses not to download this one. – Justin Vellucci, Swordfish, June 7, 2019


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Justin Vellucci is a staff writer for PopMatters, Spectrum Culture, and MusicTAP, a contributor to Pittsburgh Current, and a former staffer for Popdose, Punk Planet and Delusions of Adequacy. His music writing has appeared in national magazines such as American Songwriter, alt-pubs like The Brooklyn Rail, Pittsburgh CityPaper and San Diego CityBeat, blogs Swordfish, Punksburgh and Linoleum, and the Gannett magazine Jetty. He lives in Pittsburgh.

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