Review: Hontatedori – “Konata Kanata”

If the vitriol and raw energy of punk rock is like a fever dream, then the Tokyo trio Hontatedori — which premiered its U.S. debut, Konata Kanata, two days ago via David Grubb’s Blue Chopsticks imprint – is a wonderful antithesis: absinthe-soaked, doe-eyed, dreamy, and lined with enough crystalline guitars to fill the lonely sea….

Review: SUZISUZI – “Microphone’s Counter Attack!!”

SUZISUZI likes exclamation points. On Microphone’s Counter Attack, its new 12-track, 20-minute LP out via Pure Evil last month, the title of every song ends with two exclamations. And that’s appropriate, given the bombastic tendencies contained within each track. Now, SUZISUZI – “suzi” means “vein” in Japanese, as in the veins that pop out of…