Review: From The Mouth of The Sun – “Sleep Stations”

A quick and overdue take: Sleep Stations is the best record From The Mouth of The Sun has ever recorded. There, it is said. Released May 18, which seems like an eternity ago, via the always-illuminating Lost Tribe Sound, the Dag Rosenqvist/Aaron Martin post-classical duo’s new record is, yes, short, just 20 minutes in all….

REVIEW: Alder & Ash – “Clutched In The Maw of the World”

The cello flirts lovingly with you, then roars and lunges forward, bearing its teeth. The composition in question is “A Seat Amongst God and His Children,” the second song and most transfixing moment on Montreal artist Alder & Ash’s sophomore release, the appropriately titled Clutched In The Maw of the World, out July 28 on Lost Tribe Sound. It starts…