Review: TRVSS – “New Distances”

Looking for noise-rock to cut through the film of dusty ear-drums like a straight razor? Well, TRVSS has your number. The trio cuts through the bullshit with post-hardcore propulsion. Sophomore effort, New Distances, as understatements go, is tightly wound. How TRVSS sounds this in synch is confusing for a band with this short of a resume….

Profile: TRVSS (2020)

The new TRVSS song “Malaria” is as infectious as its title indicates. Of course, it falls seven songs into the trio’s second LP – “New Distances,” which the band is self-releasing July 31 – so the spell has already been cast. If you haven’t been converted by then, well, there’s just no hope for you….

Review: Melkbelly – “PITH”

Sorry, as much as you want them to be, Melkbelly aren’t a 2020s reincarnation of the Breeders. There are parallels, yes, yes, but it’s not that simple, not that clean-cut a thesis. For one, Melkbelly are rougher around the edges and more likely to lunge at you with the blade than carve out a careful refrain. (In short:…

Review: Warm Red – “Big Tiger” b/w “S.A.M.”

Warm Red has that special something about it. The Atlanta quartet, which is making its recording debut today on Chunklet with the “Big Tiger”/”S.A.M.” single, is a descendant of the mighty noise-rock mantle, that’s for sure. It’s got the skittery guitar and throbbing bass/drums down. But there’s something about the band’s delivery that’s deserving of…