Concert Review: Richard Buckner – Live In Pittsburgh, 06/07/18

It was 1998 when I first heard Richard Buckner, and I instantly was transfixed. The record in question was Since, his MCA collaboration with stalwarts like Syd Straw and David Grubbs, and it was breathtaking stuff, alt-country (or post-country) at its finest — but also overflowing with engaging song-gems beyond the boundaries of the genre….

PROFILE: Kelley Deal (2017)

She’s finding herself in the now again. Kelley Deal has topped charts with The Breeders but her latest outing, R. Ring’s Ignite The Rest, is perhaps the most nuanced and writerly of her career. It is, at once, immediate, gutsy, clattering and beautiful, and, make no mistake about it, Deal and Ampline’s Mike Montgomery, who…

REVIEW: R. Ring – “Ignite The Rest”

You can tell right from the get-go, from the very first shot right out of the gate, that this thing is going to be pretty damned good. Kicking off in fine form with the single “Cutter,” an infective blast of surging guitars and smoky vocals, Ignite The Rest, the full-length debut from Ohio supergroup R….

REVIEW: Ampline/Buffalo Killers – Split Single

Two Cincinnati bands prove The Afghan Whigs and The National are not maybe where this Ohio/Kentucky border city’s recent musical footnote ends in a quirky new split seven-inch out now via vinyl and digital formats on Sofaburn Records. The real winner on the outing is Ampline, whose “It Will Evaporate” feels like a pumped-up, no-frills…