Review: Mark Deutrom – “The Blue Bird”

If most of Mark Deutrom’s new LP — The Blue Bird, kicking off 2019 Friday via Seasons of Mist — is any indication, the titular bird is a blue of the moody variety. Deutrom, guitarist-turned-bassist-turned-guitarist, Texan, ex-Melvin, has always packed his solo outings with lots of texture, context and ambiance. Sequencing, in particular, always has…

Review: Sarah Longfield – “Disparity”

In terms of pure technique, Sarah Longfield’s a hell of a seven- and eight-string guitarist. Her new LP, Disparity, buttresses that thesis and then some. But can she write a song? Well, sorta. The new record, out Nov. 30 on Seasons of Mist, features nine songs that coalesce between glassy textures and rapid-tapping rock/metal shreddage….