REVIEW: HC-B – “Rough”

It takes a great record to remind me how awkward it can be — yes yes, like dancing to architecture — to write about really good instrumental rock music. For the moment, the band putting me in said position is HC-B, the record is the group’s latest Hidden Shoal release, Rough, and both are terrific, sometimes bordering on breathtaking….

PROFILE: Rachel Grimes

Rachel Grimes knew how to play the piano before she learned to walk. “My dad and grandmother played, so I was always sitting beside them following along, watching and listening in wonder at how they could make that magic,” the composer/pianist told me recently from the home she and her husband, educator Alec Johnson, share…

REVIEW: Slint – “Spiderland: Remastered”

Originally published in Popdose on May 6, 2014 Steve Albini once infamously offered up “ten fucking stars” in Melody Maker to the swansong LP of a then-unknown Louisville quartet named Slint. Twenty three long years later, much has changed, but those words still resonate and the praise still sounds more than justified. It’s prescient, even….