Review: Dw. Dunphy (as No-Fi Dead Horse) – “Limb From Limb”

There always was a kind of glowing charm to Dw. Dunphy’s lo-fi days. Take “Jupiter In Retrograde,” originally released, without much fanfare, back in 1997, practically another lifetime ago. The song is driven by a fairly innocuous, canned electronic backbeat, but Dunphy fleshes it out, gives a real sense of sweat and toil and heartbeat,…

Review: Calexico – “The Black Light: 20th Anniversary Edition”

I don’t know if I’m old but this didn’t seem that long ago. And only old people say that. It was 1999, maybe 2000, apparently. The venue was Maxwell’s, an infamous Hoboken, N.J. haunt with a decent bar (stiff pours) and a small, sound-proofed black room in the back for bands to make a clatter….