Review: Various Artists – “The Co-Op Communique, Vol. 4”

The new entry in Introverse Media’s Co-Op Communique series – titled, appropriately, The Co-Op Communique Vol. 4 and available Friday on Bandcamp – goes to great lengths to champion independent artists, and, above all, is nothing if not exhaustive. In a time as saturated with media and background noise as ours, that’s appropriate – and…

PROFILE: Chris Besinger of STNNNG (2017)

Ladies and gentlemen, STNNNG has reentered the building. After four years of waiting and much, much anticipation, Minnesota’s greatest post-punk band is back with a new record, Veterans of Pleasure. We shot a few questions to the king of the speak-sing delivery, STNNNG vocalist Chris Besinger, to set the record straight on his wicked agenda….